Travis Air Force Base's Home for Innovation

Phoenix Spark is the leading Spark Cell across the world. With focus areas in Additive Manufacturing, Digital Environments, AR/VR, and ventures with Commerical Partners. We focus on inspiring and empowering Airmen on a daily basis.

Mission Statement:

Innovations of the warfighter, by the warfighter, of the warfighter

Additive manufacturing, also known as 3D printing, has a proven ability to enhance sustainment capabilities while minimizing supply chain costs associated with contracts, transport, and storage.

Phoenix Spark has an array of 3D printing capabilities using both extrusion and resin printing technology.

Phoenix Spark hosts bi-weekly classes to teach airmen the basics of Computer Aided Design (CAD) and drafting taught by a dedicated corp of trained instructors. Classes are open to all DoD personnel (not dependents).



Digital Environments

The wars of today and tomorrow are not only fought by soldiers with guns but increasingly by leveraging digital capabilities and knowledge.

Phoenix Spark seeks to ensure this arrow in the quiver of the USAF achieves all it can to better safeguard our nations and its citizens. A Digital Initiative pipeline is being created to educate airmen on software coding using languages such as JavaScript, CSS, React, HTML, and others.

Look back later to see what exciting new digital classes are available here at Phoenix Spark!


Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Traditional training and workflows in the military are conducted using legacy paper products and checklists. AR & VR solutions have the potential to change this paradigm and bring the USAF into the future.

Phoenix Spark is leading the way by incorporating AR & VR to increase the speed of training without sacrificing quality, bolstering efficiency while enabling instructors to better educate their students, along with providing USAF personnel better tools to ensure aircraft and aircrew are mission-ready.


Small Unmanned Aerial Systems (sUAS)

sUAS projects at Travis are actively changing how the USAF uses cutting-edge technology to improve our posturing to ensure rapid responses to real-world events, ensuring our situational awareness for rapid decision making, and safeguarding mission readiness.

Travis AFB was the first base in the USAF to secure a waiver for sUAS operations on the flightline and has not looked back since. Whether it's patroling the base perimeter for SFS, survey storm damage for CE, or helping inspect aircraft for MX, the Travis AFB sUAS program is leading the way.



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VISION is a project management system hosted on Platform1. VISION enables innovators to easily coordinate their projects across the globe and grants them visibility into the  various innovation efforts across Spark Cells.

GAIN is an innovation hub maintained that allows user to publish their innovation efforts, as well as participate in innovation competitions like Spark Tank.

Spark Leverages the National Security Innovation Network through innovation communities such as AFMaker, a responsitory to collaborate and share additive manufacturing projects.