Augmented & Virtual Reality (AR & VR)

Aircrew Training in Virtual Reality

Increased AR/VR design capabilities to provide Airmen with an advanced platform to design and execute complex AR/VR training simulations. They have developed an emergency escape testing program, a virtual loadmaster preflight checklist, and a 360 degree AR (Aerial Refueling) instructional video.

Security Forces Virtual Simulation Training

The 60th Security Forces Squadron uses AR/VR through an AFWERX SBIR company to build virtual training scenarios that allows security forces members to train/develop situational experiences in a controlled environment.

Accelerate your training through AR/VR

Immersive education and training are proven methods for rapid learning & knowledge retention. AR/VR solutions are designed to take your unit's training program to the next level. Check out the FAQ's for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get AR/VR solutions for my unit?

Click the "View the AR/VR Knowledge Base" button above to find contact information, best practices, and existing contracts. Once you are ready, feel free to contact one of the team members there to get going!

Where can I go to learn more about coding before taking the Phoenix Spark aptitude assessment?

Before you start a new SBIR, we highly recommend that you try to team up to scale an existing effort that has proven success & that has a passionate government POC. You can find these efforts from the View the AR/VR Knowledge Base button above! If you want to keep looking at other options, checkout the AFWERX SBIR page and the AFWERX AR/VR SBIR Companies list, and feel to reachout to any of these companies. When you feel like you are ready to move forward, come by during the Phoenix Spark walk-in hours on Fridays afteroons & we can talk next steps!