Spark Achievements


The innovation space is a fast paced and growing field that can change within a few hours. All products or events discussed below are subject to change. If you are interested in the most up to date information please contact us via Social Media, Phone, or Email. We will be sure to contact you as soon as possible.

Mobility Guardian 2023

Phoenix Spark had the incredible opportunity to partake in a innovative part of Mobility Guardian 2023. We had the opportunity to send out our Marketing Lead SSgt Gogue to ensure commercial partner's prototype technology made land on Guam, USA. From there our member was the liason with active players of MobG to coordinate efforts to test the capabilities of the technology and showcase it to Gen. Minihan & Congressonal Members.

The technology that Phoenix Spark brought were WiGL Saltwater Generators, INERGY portable batteries, Klattworks AR Headsets, and Genesis Portable Water Generators. This test showed that Phoenix Spark is capable to bring innovative techonology to the hands of our Airmen outside of Travis AFB. The lessons learned from this exercise allowed future partnership with industry partners and quality feedback to them to ensure future iterations of their technology are their best versions. 

Travis AFB In-processing

Brewing fresh in our Innovation Lab is a groundbreaking app that will change how Travis AFB in-processes its personnel! Originating from 60 MXS Section Commander Capt Marron, this app was created to streamline return time to airmen and simplify in-processing. 

This app will collect all major work centers that personnel must report to and consolidate that information into one simple site. When this app is refined, our expert Digital Innovation department plans to expand the app to cover PCS, PCA, TDYs, and Deployments! To keep up with any future updates, follow our Social Media accounts or check in with our lab.


Being the leading Spark Cell in the world affords us unique opportunities to hold special events such as our annual Spark Tank! This event allows us to open our doors from October to January for all ideas within our focus areas to compete in a Shark Tank-style competition. With our event, we help each innovator refine their pitches and then face 60 AMW leaders to pitch their ideas to be granted SCIF funding for their projects. Past Spark Tank winners include RATE Fatigue Wearables, Load Plan +, and more. 

We have also opened our doors to commercial partners to host an industry day to showcase their unique technology. Last Innovation Week held in March 2023, we had a special guest, Simon Sinek, who spoke on behalf of Microsoft and showcased the ongoing products they offer to the Travis AFB. 

This event is ideal for all long-time innovators or newly inspired airmen to gain footing within the innovation space. If you are interested in the timeline for our Spark Tank event, please see our events tab or click the button below to learn more!