About Us

Meet the Team Behind Phoenix Spark

Captain Justin Niquette, Director

Captain Justin Niquette is on loan to Phoenix Spark from the 6th Air Refueling Squadron. A KC-10A pilot by trade, Captain Niquette has served for six years in the USAF, and is a graduate from both the United States Air Force Academy and Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. Captain Niquette's concentration at Phoenix Spark is serving as the Deputy Director of Software Innovation.

MSgt Adam McDonough, Superintendent

Master Sergeant Adam McDonough is the current Superintendent for Phoenix Spark. He is the lead enlisted member who coordinates all ventures, programs, development, and ideas that comes to Phoenix Spark. With his leadership and guidance he ensures Phoenix Spark fullfills its mission on a daily basis. He is orginally from 60 Maintenance Squadron (60 MXS) AXE Flight Chief. As a maintainer by trade he has served 16 years at Seymour Johnson AFB, Osan AB, Nellis AFB, and now Travis AFB. 

John Dickerson, Innovation & Chief Operations Officer

Mr. John Dickerson is on loan to Phoenix Spark from Manpower. A retired veteran, having served 26 years in the USAF, John has been working for Phoenix Spark for the last five years. John was previously stationed at Altus AFB, OK, Loring AFB, ME, Travis AFB, CA, and Dover AFB, DE. John has a Baccalaureate in Computer Engineering and an MBA in Program Management. John's concentration here at Phoenix Spark is Operations Management, Procurement, Budget Management, Facilities, and Lab Operations. Having worked at Phoenix Spark for several changeovers in command and personnel, Mr. Dickerson also acts as the Chief Operations Officer for Phoenix Spark.

SSgt Joshua James Gogue, Marketing & Outreach Lead

Staff Sergeant Joshua James Gogue is the Lead for Marketing & Outreach the first full-time position in Phoenix Spark. He leads all ventures that correlates to networking, outreach, community relations, & social media. From managing the social media posts to creating Phoenix Spark Booths at conferences, his work assures buy-in from leadership and enhances knowledge of Phoenix Spark on a daily basis. He is originally a Training Manager from 60 Maintanence Operations and has been in the Air Force for 9 years. He has served at Creech AFB, Kadena AFB, and now Travis AFB. 

TSgt Johnathan Middleton, Digital Initiatives

Technical Sergeant Johnathan Middleton is part of the Digital Initiatives team here in Phoenix Spark. His work on Spark Connect will allow numerous spark cells across the world be able to connect and share their innovative ideas together! He is a maintainer from the 660th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron. He has been in the Air Froce for 14 years and has served in McConnel & Travis AFB base

SSgt Jefferies Saajadeen, Digital Initiatives

Staff Sergeant Jefferies Saajadeen is part of the Digital Initiatives team here in Phoenix Spark. His concentration in Phoenix Spark is network development. His main focus has been the network within Phoenix Spark and the capabilities outside such as Mesh ++. When the device is configuered it shows promise to bring secure WiFi capabilties within the flightline of Travis AFB. He is originally from 60 Maintenence Squadron and an AR mechanic by Trade. 

SrA Kyle Sunderman, Additive Manufacturing

Senior Airman Kyle Sunderman is a part-time member of Phoenix Spark, currently he is the lead technician for all tasks that relate to additive manufacturing. From making small parts to improve quality of life to engineering material within Fusion 360 he does it all! Furthermore, he is our current instructor for our additive manufacturing classes and has taught numerious classes that empowered and inspired Airmen across Travis AFB. While he is not working at Phoenix Spark he is at 60 Aerial Port Squadron performing his daily duties as a Ramp Technician loading & unloading aircrafts. He has been in the Air Force 3 years and Travis AFB is his first home within his career.