Events & Classes

Innovation Week

Join us for a week of innovation empowerment! From interactive classes that focuses on empowering Travis AFB Personnel to become innovators within their work centers. Our finale event focuses on innovators who submitted their ideas months ago and have honed their skills to pitch their idea to 60 AMW/CC & the innovation board.

Classes and Innovation Training

Additive Manufacturing 101

Phoenix Spark Lab

This is a two-day course intended to teach the fundamentals of additive manufacturing.

 Students will learn:

Contact SrA Kyle Sunderman if you have any questions.

Recent Course Offerings

These courses may be held again based on the needs of Travis AFB units. Please contact us at if you are interested.

Hackathon & Cybersecurity Information Seminar

Save the Date! Phoenix Spark will be hosting it's first semi-annual Hackathon October 23-27, 2023. 

Tentative Event Schedule:

Sponsors: 60th Communications Squadron, Travis AFB Company Grade Officer Club & Travis AFB Phoenix Spark

AFWERX: Learn to Code - Virtual Conference

Do you want to bring innovation directly to your unit? Are you interested in solving the most pressing challenges for Airmen via digital products? Are you ready to level up with the most in demand technical skills to better serve the mission?

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